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The Perfect Wedding Planner in Kanpur : 5 simple ways to choose your wedding planner

Everyone wishes to make their wedding a moment worth remembering. It must be a moment worth cherishing. Sai Events is a perfect wedding planner in Kanpur for you. They organize events for your weddings, birthday parties, corporate parties and whatnot. They do tent decoration, flower arrangement, DJ, catering, etc.

The article below will guide you in making your event the best in town. The aspects you need to consider, and offer you tips so that you make the best decision. This guide is perfect for you as it serves your every need such as budget, quality, location and vision. We strive to cater to your personal needs with perfection.

Things you need to keep in mind before you book your wedding planner in Kanpur. It is important in narrowing down your search. This will help you in finding the best even plan suitable for you. Let’s jump right in.

5 simple ways to choose your wedding planner in Kanpur


What is your wedding style to be your wedding planner in Kanpur

Having a clear description of how you want your wedding to be is of course the best. You get stuck in various thoughts that prevent you from making the right choice. That’s what we are for. We are there for you in these confusing times.

You can look up some wedding pictures on Pinterest and Instagram. Or you can also consider weddings of your friends and relatives. Then collect those pictures. This will help your event planner a lot.


How many guests are in the wedding

It is important to tell your event planner if it is going to be a big wedding or a small one. This affects the whole vision of the tent decoration and the quantity of the things needed. Of course, cost cannot be neglected. Wedding planner cost in Kanpur depend on the number of guests.

You must create a list of all the guests that are to be invited. It is important because we need to decide the venue that can accommodate all the guests comfortably.


What is your budget

It is important to keep a realistic budget range for the wedding. There are other important expenses too that are to be taken care of. However, Sai Events provides the best service for every budget range. So, you don’t need to worry. After considering your budget we can decide suitable wedding planner cost in Kanpur for you.


Research your wedding planner in Kanpur beforehand

It is a smart way to move forward in your wedding event planning. You can research some of the things about your wedding planner. You can go through the reviews of their previous customers. It gives a lot of insight into the planners. You can also look after their budget online, like what services do they provide in their budget. What is the wedding planner price in Kanpur? How much does the wedding planner cost in Kanpur?

This saves a lot of time because you need to choose if you want them to plan your wedding. Do they match your style? Are they flexible in their approach? And the most important thing, do they consider themselves as part of your wedding. If they are doing it for money or for you. This really makes a difference.


Get everything in writing

Indian weddings are a lot. There are chances of miscommunication between you and the wedding planner. Keep a record of all last minute requirements. Keep record of all services that are provided by the planner including the fees. It is important to prevent any kind of confusion. Having clear communication with facts can save you from a lot of hassle. Clear communication is the key to be your best wedding planner in Kanpur.


Thoughts to consider before booking a wedding planner in Kanpur


Clarity of wedding ceremonies

North Indian Weddings have a lot of rituals and ceremonies. Weddings in India is considered as very auspicious. Event planning is a western concept. Earlier weddings in India were done at their homes. Elders used to guide on the wedding rituals. Now, times have changed. Indian weddings are mixed with western aspects. So, It is really important to describe your wedding planner about your wedding ceremonies.

It starts from Engagement or Ring Ceremony. Here bride and groom exchange rings. Then comes the Mehendi Ceremony where bride and groom put mehendi including the family members. Sangeet Ceremony is the most happening of all ceremonies. This is like a small party where bride and grooms family dance and sing together. Then comes the Haldi Ceremony and the Wedding.


Your wedding venue

Have a clear choice of wedding venues in Kanpur. Select the venues that you like and communicate with your wedding planner. Your wedding planner will guide you if the venue is suitable to accommodate your guests and other activities. It is also important to look if the venue provides hotel rooms for bride and groom and for some important guests.

Aesthetics of your wedding

Your wedding planner must be able to execute the design you want on your special day. Have a clear conversation on what design you want on different ceremonies. What will be the aesthetic of the wedding hall. The flower arrangements, tent decoration, music, DJ, photos and videos. It is important to look after the cost of everything. Sai Events is the best wedding planner in Kanpur that caters to all your need in a reasonable budget.


Timeline of your ceremonies

Go through the reviews of your wedding planner. And look Are they able to provide their services within the given timeline. It is important to perform every ceremony on time because if the time passes then it is just waste. Moreover, Indian weddings follow “muhurta”. The auspicious time to carry on auspicious work. It is advised to plan your events before. Get all the essentials to prevent delay at the last moment.


Wedding Day Management

After making a note of all the things that are needed for the wedding. It is the wedding planner’s job to get those things in time. Causing delays during ongoing events is not a good sign for the guests. It puts the wedding planners on the negative light. If the deliveries are made efficiently and in time, wedding planners will get future clients.

The way wedding planners carry on the task determines a lot on how well they execute the wedding plan. Sai Events is the best wedding planner in Kanpur. We keep our budget customer friendly with top class services. We have one of the best wedding planner cost in Kanpur.



Sai Events is the best wedding planner in Kanpur. We keep our customers happy. And fulfill their wish to make their wedding a dream come true. Sai Events has the best record of reviews. We deliver what we promise. We have years of experience in wedding planning. We are experts in our crafts in Kanpur. We have reasonable prices for our services. It is our goal to make your dream wedding affordable. We have the best cost strategy. We are the most affordable quality wedding planner in Kanpur.




How Sai Events keep up as the best wedding planner in Kanpur?

Sai Events top the game as they keep on improving. They add new services and keep up with the trend. They are easy to work with. They value their customers. They deliver quality services to their customers. Hence, Sai Events keep up as the best wedding planner in Kanpur.


How much is the current wedding planner cost in Kanpur?

Sai Events is the most affordable wedding planner cost in Kanpur. They keep their prices suitable for their customers. They value in giving their customers the best of services. You can always trust on Sai Events for their prices.


Does the best wedding planner in Kanpur charge the heaviest price?

Sai Events being the best wedding planner in Kanpur charges the most affordable price in town.


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