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10 best creative birthday decoration ideas for some unforgettable parties in Kanpur

There are tons of creative birthday decoration ideas. You can make use of balloons for birthday decoration. Birthday celebration ideas depend on how old are you. If you are a kid, you can use colorful balloons, cartoon birthday cakes, and a play area for your kid. If you are an adult, balloons of 2 different colors can be used for decoration, streamers, theme parties and cakes with adult themes are some of the best ideas.

The above creative birthday ideas are something that can be used everywhere. It doesn’t matter if you are celebrating indoors or outdoors. You can give creative shapes to your balloons for some creative birthday decoration ideas. You can decide the theme of your party and emphasize the decoration of that area.

Some of the best creative room decoration for birthday are given below. You can also use your terrace for your birthday decoration. You can decorate your small garden with diwali lights. And, place a table to keep snacks and drinks. We have listed 10 birthday decoration ideas for you.

10 creative birthday decoration ideas for you

Square balloon decoration with streamers

You can use golden and white shiny balloons. These balloons are tied together giving a square shape. You can then use streamers to add background.

This whole setup will become the background. Pin a Happy birthday light board on the background.

This is one of the simplest birthday decoration designs. This decoration can be done in the range of 10,000 to 14,000 Rupees.

You can also add small balloons of the same color to give a different texture to the background.

Ring Decoration

You can decorate shiny balloons in and around the ring. Make a combination of 3 to 4 balloons of different shapes and colors.

Ring decoration can be a full circle or a half. You can use small flower bouquets in between the balloons.

You can decorate the background with Diwali lights. And add a Happy Birthday tag at the background. You can throw some balloons on the floor too.

Ring decoration is on trend these days. These ideas look very quirky on Instagram posts.

Ring decoration ideas can be done in the range of 7,000 to 10,000 Rupees. Ring decorations are the most common as well as creative birthday decoration designs.

Birthday Terrace decoration

You can decorate your terrace with lights, balloons and a seating arrangement with some cushions. A dinner arrangement can work wonders in summer.

You can make use of foil balloons in a combination of 3 to 4. They look pretty and very simple to implement.

You can decorate your seating arrangement with some cushions. These cushions are comfortable to sit on. You can add drapes or flowy cloth on tables and around the seating arrangement.

You can decorate the table with some flowers and little lamps.


A Full Ring Decoration

One of the best creative room decoration for birthday is a full ring decoration. This full room decoration can be done with balloons.

The balloons used can be in various color combinations. Golden and silver, golden and white, light blue and light green foil balloons, etc.

You can use different shapes in combination to give it a vibrant look.

This full ring decoration costs around 6,000 to 9,000 Rupees.


Classy Birthday room decoration

You can use metallic colored balloons with strings at the bottom. These balloons are stuck on the roof of the room. This is one of the best creative room decoration for birthday parties.

You can also decorate the floor of the room with balloons.

You can add your photos at the end of the colorful strings. Photos bring memories of you.

You can get this decoration in the range of 3,000 to 6,000 Rupees.


Use colorful drapes to decorate on your birthday

You can use light colored colorful dupattas or saris for decoration. This is one of the most creative birthday decoration ideas without balloons.

You can use this theme to have your birthday parties at your garden or terrace. Having greens everywhere around, bright drapes will give a happy vibe to the place.

You can use handmade wall hangings with things available at your home. If doing everything with your hands, It can cost nothing.


Colorful paper fans and pinwheels

Use colorful paper fans and pinwheels as your birthday stage decoration. These ideas are some of the best creative room decoration for birthday.

Colorful paper fans are easy to make and look great after decoration. You can implement this idea without anybody’s help.

This idea is free of cost and very easy to execute.


Stunning paper lantern decoration

Paper lanterns with led lights decoration on the roof. This decoration style add freshness and creativity.

These are easy to make. Paper lanterns are easily available in your local market. You get this during Diwali.

Lantern decoration are very much in trend these days. This idea is nearly free of cost and very easy to execute. These are some of the creative birthday decoration ideas that seems classy.


Calm fusion of rose petals and candlelight

You can spread rose petals on your bed and floor. It gives a calm view to the eyes. It is one of the best creative decoration designs for your birthday.

Add a touch of candlelight with rose petals. Use scented candles to give more calmness to the event.

This theme is suited for people who want to spend their birthday with their partners. This is not so loud theme. But it lays importance on having a quality time with your partner and loved one.


Pool party decoration for your 18th birthday

Pool parties seem very cool. They require less decoration and more arrangements by the pool side. You can use streamers on one side to give a sparkly and bold theme to the party. Pool parties are best during summer.

These kinds of parties are a little expensive. It is good to keep waiters to serve food and drinks to guests.

Pool party decoration ideas work well with props. Props are used for decoration in and around the pool. Use puffed toys in the pool to play with.



What are some creative birthday decoration ideas?

Some unique and creative birthday decoration ideas are DIY play zones for your kid’s friends. Kids love to get involved in things. And for adults too. DIY booths for adults are quite intriguing too. You can also decorate your birthday with themes of fairy tales for your kids. Themes of 80’s and 90’s are very much popular among adults.

Photo booths come under the best creative room decoration for birthday?

Photo booths are in trend. Even kids have their Instagram accounts. Having a photo station to capture some unique pictures of your guests. Sai Events has some of the best Photo booth ideas ready for your guests.

What are some of the creative birthday decoration ideas for outdoor parties?

Outdoor pool parties are very common in summer. Adventure land birthday party during winter are best for kids. Adults can celebrate their birthday outdoors in winter. Have a bonfire and barbecues for your guests. Warm lights used as decoration will be a good get together.


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