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10 Amazing Hacks Every Event Planner in Kanpur Swears By for Seamless Celebrations

The best event planner in Kanpur is always prepared to deliver their best services. Sai Events is one of them.

Planning an event can be an exciting and complicated process. You always have to stay prepared for the challenges that appear. This article is your little guidebook to make your event a seamless celebration with Sai Events – your event planner in Kanpur.

10 Problems And Their Solution To Become The Best Event Planner In Kanpur.

Budget limitations
Budget limitation is one of the most common problem in executing an event. It hinders the scope of the event. It also affects the amazing time that the guests could have had.


  • Find a way to cost effective alternatives. This will give the same results as before. It is not necessary that you need to spend extra to have fun. Using your creativity can make your event more fun.
  • Looking out for vendors who offer better prices for the same supply. A little extra effort here can save you alot. The best event planner in Kanpur has put their best team in this area.
  • You will have to negotiate your price for the service. A part of event planning includes bargaining your price. You will never have enough budget in the process. So, this is a valuable skill to learn.
  • Prioritize the things you need, to make your event a success. And most importantly, it will maintain your budget.
  • Cut down on unnecessary costs and products. If those things are not needed, cut it down. This will not drain you financially.
  • It is good to ask for sponsorships. You will only know so many people are there to help when you ask for help. And events are the best way to meet new people.

Venue availability

There might be a chance that your best venue is not available on that date. This might disrupt your event planning. In that case, what are the steps that you need to take?

  • Try to book your venue early. Best venues are always busy. Keep your guest list ready and budget ready. This will help you in booking your venue early.
  • Also look out for alternative dates. It is good to have multiple options here. This will make you less anxious.
  • Communicate with your venue. If you will make them understand that how important this event is for you. They will most definitely give you alternate options that might be favorable to you. The best event planner in Kanpur has put their best team in this area.

Vendor Management

  • It is a very important aspect of a successful event. A successful event involves multiple vendors. The problem with involvement of separate vendors can be a risky move. It lacks efficient communication system among the vendors. So, the solution that might be helpful are.


  • Communicate your demands openly. Clearly mention the deadline of the event. Any bit of confusion can lead to hassle.
  • Put everything in writing. Keeping things in written will give clarity to everyone involved. This is a good practice.
  • Try to build good relationship with your vendors. This might help you in future. And keeping good relations is a good practice in event management. Because you cannot do everything alone, you need people’s help to make your event a success.
  • Recognize your vendor’s effort and hardwork. Even rewarding them for their hardwork is good.

Last Minute Changes

Last Minute changes are inevitable in event management. The best event planner in Kanpur is always prepared for last minute weather disturbance, speaker cancellation, etc. It is the skill of your event planner how well he manages this situation. And Sai Event is the best wedding planner in Kanpur.


  • It is the duty of the event planner to predict unforeseen conditions and be prepared for such situations. It is his duty to keep alternate plans ready.
  • It is also important that your team is also prepared for such situations. This is to perform actively in such situations and start executing the alternate plan. The best event planner in Kanpur has put their best team in this area.
  • Keep a flexible mindset and stay prepared for such situations. Event planning requires swift planning and adapting to these circumstances.

Time Management

It is a crucial aspect of event planning. Every event must be executed within deadline. Not creating a effective time management can result in a haphazard event.


  • Maintain a event planning checklist to follow timeline of every event. It is a good practise to maintain a planning checklist to prevent any confusion.
  • Communicate this planning checklist containing deadline to every vendor to avoid confusion.
  • Delegate tasks to capable and reliable teams. This will help in speed up the process and maintain your time.
  • Regularly check in with your team. This is really important. Even a slight delay from anyone can disrupt the entire flow of the event. The best event planner in Kanpur put their best team in this area.
  • Keep some buffer time available for unforeseen situations.
  • It is important to keep your planning realistic. Too many tasks can lead to failure in execution.


Catering Challenges

Even the best event planner suffers from catering challenges. It is so difficult to select a food menu that will suit all the guests. It is also important to serve delicious food to guests. Catering is the most challenging part of event planning. We also have to take care of wastage which adds to the difficulty.


  • Confirm the diet of your guests beforehand by sending out forms. Ask your guests to fill this form to understand their diet preference.
  • Communicate with your caterer about the diet preferences and restrictions. Make sure your caterer understands the diet plan. The best event planner in Kanpur put their best caterers in this area.
  • Now, before finalizing the menu organize the tasting session. This tasting session must be enough days before the event date. Your caterer must have enough time to make changes in his diet plan.
  • Most importantly, keep enough budget aside for catering. Catering is the essential part of any event. It is important that your food served is delicious.


Technical Difficulties

Difficulties can result in delay, malfunction and negative impact on your guests.


  • Before the final event, conduct a practice session. This will help in getting used to the flow of the event.
  • The team members will also have the correct idea about their role in the event. This will help in time management and avoid confusion.
  • It is important to have a technical support on standby. For example, in case of electricity failure on stage you have some electricians to manage the fault. Keeping a backup plan ready is the most important. The best event planner in Kanpur put their best technical support team in this area.
  • Be aware that your team is familiar with the backup plan. This is to avoid last minute confusion. This will help in effective execution of the backup plan after the fault.

Unforeseen weather conditions

Weather can pose challenges to your event structure. It might cause venue problems, if your event was outside. It might cause trouble to your guests. It might also cause some technical difficulties.


  • Keep a backup ready for such situations. Plan for both indoor and outdoor setup. This will allow flexibility in your event structure.
  • Follow weather forecasts properly. This will help you in proper planning of your event.
  • Also keep a comunication plan ready to inform your guests about the weather challenges occured in the event. The best event planner in Kanpur has put their best team in this area.
  • Provide weather related amenities for your guests. For example, In hot weather use AC, coolers, cool drinks for your guests. In cold weather, use heating equipments, small bonfires, hot drinks for your guests. In rainy times, arrange your event indoors. Make sure the indoor space is ventilated properly.


Not enough promotion of your event

Due to lack of enough promotion of your event, It might lead to failed event. An event is successful if your event attracts crowd. If not, then your event didn’t get enough publicity.


  • Attract media, post on social media about the event. Highlight the star of the event to make people curious about the event. Post some amazing behind the event glimpses.
  • Invite influencers, actors or famous people that people follow. This will hype up your event too.
  • Create engaging content on social media to attract people’s attention and your target audience.
  • Collaborate with influencers and ask them to give shout outs to your event planning team. This will have a huge effect on your reach. This will also scale your client base.
  • Limited time offers are helpful. This plays with your audience thought process and they would not want to be left behind (FOMO).
  • Give discounts, offers to early joiners. This is like giving incentives.
  • Interacting with your target audience will promote lead generation. This will later monetise your event. As it will increase in scaling your event planning business. The best event planner in Kanpur has put their best PR team in this area.

Parking Challenges to your guests

Your venue must have enough space for your guests to park their cars. Your venue must have easy path for your guests to reach and have a comfortable ride. Easy commute also helps in more gathering.
However, there are some problems which might arrive due to difficult paths and parking. Some solutions to it are given below.


  • It is good to provide shuttle services for your guests in remote areas.
  • Inform your guests about the shuttle timings to avoid confusion.
  • Provide clear parking information to your guests. Use signs to help in easy understanding of the route. It is good to reserve some space for your VIP guests.
  • Encourage your guests to use car pooling service as it will be more convenient. The best event planner in Kanpur has put their best team in this area.




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Why choose event planner in Kanpur?

It is important to have a Event Planner in Kanpur because they make event management really optimized. They take care of every arrangement, decoration, requirements. You just have to clearly talk out your preferences. And the things are done for you.
Hosts of the parties also want to have fun. Unlike before, when hosts did all the work for a successful event. It has become professional now. As events are not only conducted for a fun time but to fulfill some other business motives too.

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Sai Events is the best wedding event planner in Kanpur. Sai Events has the best reviews from its customers. They have the best relationships with the vendors. They have the best decorators with them. They prioritize the demands of their customers. And, deliver their services on time.



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