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Guide to Make your Perfect Event Planning Checklist : Top 10 points

An Event planning checklist is important before you host any event. It is the first step for top event planners.

Why do you even need an event planning checklist?

This is important for you to save yourself from confusion. Now, Event planning can be a hassle if there is no proper management. There might be a chance of missing out on some important things. And, you will not want your customers to be sad. The details of the event such as its aesthetics, what kind of event it is, the number of guests, the venue, and others must be managed before the deadline.

It takes time and effort to make your event seem effortless and amazing. That is why event planners need to give in their all. It is important to have clear communication between the client and the event planner. You must be careful if you can have an open conversation with your event planner. Are they flexible in their approach? Do they value your opinion? All these things are important before you consider any event planner.

An event planning checklist can ease the process of making your event a success. It is easy to implement a large number of things if you have noted them down. Make bullet points of your every need. Discuss every little detail with your event planner. Also, mention the deadline of the tasks. Having clarity can save you a lot of time.

10 amazing points for your event planning checklist


The Objective of your event

You must have a clear goal for your event. Before describing this you must be able to answer some of the questions. Why are you organizing this event? Is it just a get together or a fund raising event? Is it for reaching out to new people? Whatever it may be. The most important thing is that you achieve your goal. Communicate with your event planner on your goals. Discuss your budget to prevent further confusion.


Select the Date

Communicate the date of your event with your event planner. Most definitely you will need your event planner to be all yours that day. You must mention the date of your event on the event planning checklist. Also, mention 2-3 days in extra to your event planner so that everything goes well planned.


Select the venue

You must select the venue of your event beforehand. Find out the best event planner in Kanpur. And Discuss the details with your event planner. Check if the price of the venue fits your budget because you need to save some for extra charges. Discuss openly and freely with your event manager.

Now, the most important question. How to select the venue for your event? This question will be answered automatically if you have answered the first question from your event planning checklist. Does the venue suit the objective of the party? Does it match the aesthetic of it? Discuss every little detail with your event planner.


Make a blueprint of your event

Having a plan of your event gives a clear picture of how you want your event to proceed. This will prevent confusion at the last minute. This will help your event planner make a right decision based on the priorities. You will not want any trouble on your D-Day hence, discussing all these details with your event planner is helpful. If possible making a flowchart of events is highly recommended from the best event planner in Kanpur.


Get clear cost estimates

You must have a clear cost analysis. There is a possibility of you spending more than needed. And also keep some extra budget on the side. Make a small bullet list on all the expenditures. Such as flower decorators, tent decorators, catering, etc. It will give clarity to your event planner on your budget. It is good to have a clear conversation on money related matters.


Create an overall event budget

After having a clear list of your small expenses, It is time to make an overall event budget. Please be clear on your overall budget estimate on the event planner checklist.

After adding all the expenses make a definite budget estimate. Such as flower decorators, tent decorators, catering, etc. It will give clarity to your event planner on your budget. It is good to have a clear conversation on money related matters.


Recruit an event committee

It is good to have a staff with your event planner. Your event planner cannot be done with all the tasks by himself. If you assign some people under him who have the idea of managing an event is a plus. This can fasten your event execution. If there is a person for every event then the event will flow smooth.


Brand your event

Your event must have a logo or a caption for your event. This will give your event a better exposure. Guests will be more excited to attend your event. Today event planners work on drawing guests attention to the goal of the event. This is because events are not just a casual get together or a fun party. It has transformed into much more. People nowadays make time from their busy schedules to attend such events. And most importantly, they see if their purpose is served by going to such events. These are all behind the scene thoughts which is very essential in making an event a success.


Create and launch your publicity plan

You must have a great PR behind your event management. The event planning checklist must mention your publicity plan. Some of the best event planner in Kanpur takes care of advertising your event. Publicity is important because we need people’s attraction towards the event. We want more and more people connected with the event. That’s the ultimate goal of a successful event.



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What tools to use to create an Event Planning Checklist?

You can use Canva to create an Event Planning Checklist. Canva is a free AI tool that gives free templates for you. You can also create your own designs as per your liking. You can also use Excel and Spreadsheet to create your Event Planning Checklist.


Does Sai Event maintain Event Planning Checklist?

Yes, Sai Events maintain their Event Planning Checklist. This is why they are known as the best event planner in Kanpur. They have the simplest designs and easy to understand. They pass it to to their customers also to avoid any bit of confusion.




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