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8 best flower decoration trends

Welcome to the colorful flower decoration trends in Kanpur. We will present you with a bright range of floristry near you. From expensive to affordable you do not need to worry.

Flower arrangement is a delicate art. They add the charm and fragrance to a place. You can make use of flowers near you to make an enchanting art piece. This was about the affordable decors. Some expensive flower decors are just off the charts.

It is not just about the intricacies of flower decoration. It is important to get those flowers fresh and fragrant. Sometimes, there are third party vendors available to make these fresh deliveries. But, Sai Events manages everything on its own. They have the best flower decoration ideas.

8 flower decoration trends in Kanpur


Feasible flower decoration ideas

Flower decoration trends have shifted to more manageable ideas. People believe more in eco-friendly ways to do your wedding. These decoration tips are built on the idea of less wastage. Making use of things available near you, saves money. You just have to change it a bit to your liking.

You can make your old things new. You can also learn flower decoration at home. You can use flowers from your garden. And, any container to hold that flower decor. Many easy ideas are available on Instagram and YouTube. You can take help from these videos and create your own thing.


Wild and Natural decor

There is a trend going on for a natural and wild look. This look gives a feeling of freedom. This decor mostly uses bold colors and wild leaves. Less usage of any artificial design. The look that will want you to marry in the suburbs of Italy. Then this will be the wedding decoration idea for you.

You can have your stage flower decoration with these bold wild flowers. Ask your guests to follow the theme of the wedding and they would love to experience something new.

Indian weddings do not follow this concept. But, you can be the first one to use your creativity with this flower decoration idea. Brides can have a multicolored floral lehenga. With butterfly clips on hair. And groom can wear a light pastel colored Kurta. This is a lovely trend.


Same color tone bouquets

Flowers of the same color in a bouquet are in trend these days. You can add a different texture or different sizes. Monochromatic themes give a classy look. You could choose flowers of the same shades too.

These bouquets are mostly used for corporate events and some Christian weddings. Many flower decoration ideas make use of this idea. All white as a wedding flower is the most common. Orange can used as stage flower decoration. Blues and Greens can be used as wedding flower decoration. They give a fresh and classy vibe. You can also have an all pink or all yellow flower decoration at home. These are some of the really interesting ideas to use monochromatic flowers.


Dried flowers to give a boho look

Dried off flowers are in trend. This is a weird trend but it does look pretty nice. It gives off a chic and boho look. It is best suited for your flower decoration at home. Keep your dried flower bouquet in a cream vase in front of a beige wall. This is one most classy looks that is trending now.

You can make little changes to the dried flowers by dipping them in gold or silver. You can then gift this expensive and forever bouquet to your special one.

You can use this bouquet as your wedding flower decoration. If you want to keep your wedding bouquet for long.  Gift your partner this cool boho bouquet. It just needs a quiet place in your home and you are good to keep it for 1-4 years.


Statement Flower Installations

Big flower walls or colorful flower rickshaws look post worthy. These huge installations are made to hold guest’s curiosity. This flower decoration idea is similar to Amsterdam’s flower festival.

These huge decorations make stunning backdrops. They serve grand and colorful look. They are mostly kept as background. And is the best stage flower decoration.

Flowers have always been used for decoration purposes. You can choose the shades of flowers to be used as your stage decoration. Greens and shades of white and pink are very common. They look the prettiest in an Indian wedding.


Mix and match of elements

You can add other elements to your flower decoration like leaves, stems, feathers, etc. Even metallic elements are also added to your flower bouquet to give it a different texture. Textures add uniqueness to your art. They add interesting visuals to your eyes which makes your event unforgettable.

You can use your imagination to let your creativity run wild. You can use fruits or jewelry in your flower decoration. This newness adds depth to your creativity. It leaves your guests with an unforgettable experience.


Sculptural flower arrangement

Flower arrangements can be used to make a sculpture too. Flowers are not just used in flower bouquets. Netherland’s famous flower festival is a very nice example of it. If you have ever visited the flower festival, you must have come across giant flower sculptures. Ikebana is a Japanese art form. It is also known as the way of flowers. Japanese have this tradition of flower decoration.

These flower arrangements are beautiful to look at. You can give various forms to your creation. You can add a variety of flowers as per your liking. The options are endless. This art form is taught in Japan. Now, It is spreading in other parts of the world too.


Personalized flower arrangement

Flower arrangements hold value when you add some emotion to them. Here is when personalization plays a role. When you use flowers that hold some meaning to you. Or, you use that vase which your grandmother had. This is when art comes alive. And, we know that flower decoration is an art.

Adding a personal touch to your flower decoration ideas can make it special for you. Being able to connect to your wedding event will always leave a beautiful impression on you.



What are some popular and cost friendly flower decoration ideas?

Some popular flower decor ideas depend on the time of the wedding. Tulips and cherry blossoms are used in the spring season. In the summer season sunflowers are popular. And also flowers that have blue hues. In winter, dried flowers are in trend. And green flowers are also in demand.

How to include sustainable flower options in my wedding flower decoration?

The best way to have a sustainable wedding is to use locally grown flowers. These plants are cost friendly. Sai Events has contacts with many flower sellers. These are local sellers that supply natural flowers.

How to personalize flower decoration ideas?

Being able to relate on your special day feels amazing. This gives us all the more reasons to celebrate. Use flowers that hold the memory of your loved ones. Use your favorite color as your theme. Include your family customs at your wedding. Sai Events has some amazing staff. And we are very understanding in our approach.


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