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10 best interior decoration trends to make your wedding event a success in Kanpur

Interior decoration trends are in demand in Kanpur. New designs that include natural objects are very much liked. Designs that look easy and natural are very much in trend. Interior decoration has changed a lot. Now shades that are light and neutral are more in demand. People are having less is more mindsets in terms of design.


10 best interior decoration trends to make your wedding event a success in Kanpur


1. Food Show

Food is an art that can be utilized to make an enduring impression. But It’s not like we are just going to serve delicious meals. Food is also a way to make your guests intrigued. When well organized it can very well make your guests curious about the show. In fact, as a guest, your guests should recall everything at your event. You can have a doughnut wall or a “Do-it-yourself bar”. It all gets down to the idea that your guests have an amazing time.


2. Seating Arrangements

Chairs are essential for every event. You cannot miss out on the types of chairs or their arrangement. You can place your chairs based on the event. One of the ways is to arrange your chairs in the classic auditorium way. And another way is to have your seating in a more connected way. This gives your guests more chances of interact.

You can enhance your seating arrangement by using a variety of chairs. You can use couches, bean bags, bar stools, etc. The options add visual interest to your guests. Adding varieties make your guests feel valued.

Seating adds a lot of value to your interior decoration trends. Chairs are one of the important interior decoration items.


3. Stage Plan

Stages are the highlight of your event. You use backdrops, bold decors, etc to make your stage stand out. Interior decorators in Kanpur like Sai Events lay their focus on the stage. You can use interior decoration items to decorate. The stage is at the center of the attraction. It depends on the event and how you build your podium. Talk to your planners about how you want your stage to look. You can use a bold theme, flowery or professional theme to suit your event.


4. Master Lighting

Lighting is the most important aspect of interior decoration trends. It doesn’t matter if your event is in a small room. You must have a good lighting arrangement. Lighting is important for your room interior decoration. For example, If you are hosting a seminar where people need to take notes. Then it is important to have a well lit hall or room. But it is also important that the room’s light doesn’t overshadow the stage. TedX lighting strategy is the best for such events.

You can use bright lights for some events. You can use 3-D lights to add some depth to your room interior decoration. Adding lights can bring charm to your event. You can see most of the events are organized at night. You can add spotlights to make your place look stunning.


5. Roof

You can use a multi colored long flares to hang from your roof. This look works best in small rooms where you have less space for floor decoration. This is one of the smartest room interior decorations. Roof decoration like this saves a lot of money. And is a very good alternative for small rooms with high roofs. You can use lights for adding depth to your decoration. You can add projections to give a stunning look. You can use your old dupattas as flares too.


6. Table Adornments

It is understood that fine dinner sets come expensive. And it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. You can use different ways to put napkins on the dinner table. You can use your creativity to make your guests curious about the table wares. One of the most used interior decoration trends is to put an iPad on the dinner table. This iPad will show guest’s pictures to hold their attention.


7. Textures

Make your imagination wide by thinking out of the box. You can use textures to add more meaning to your decoration. It adds more comfort and feeling to everything. It makes your space feel more personal to your guests. You can make your money worth by spending more on textures. Textures add the experience to your decor. Room interior decoration lays more focus on how the decor make you feel.


8.Brightening Backgrounds

Backgrounds play an important role in the event. People spend a significant amount to make their backdrops stunning. There are many options to use for your background. Computerized backgrounds are quite in trend these days. You can change it as you want. You can blur it when needed. It holds visual appeal. It keeps your guests intrigued. Another interesting trick is to add speakers with the background. It adds more engagement to the focal area.


9. Goodie Packs

Everyone loves surprises. Small goodie packs for your guests in their hotel rooms or at the dinner table is an interesting idea. This gives a feeling of excitement. And it also makes them feel involved in the event. You can use sponsored products in the goodie packs. This can help in promoting other’s products.

A chocolate goodie for kids to keep them busy. A skincare goodie for young girls and boys is in trend these days. And some vouchers for adults is a good idea.


10. Consolidate Computerized

Going computerized in this era is the talk of the town. Modern art is all about technology. Tech has become a home buddy. And now computer media is extending into events too. Using a big screen at wedding events to display pictures of the couple and guests. It enhances engagement. Computer media give the idea of personalization. Showing pictures of everyone around makes them feel relatable. It holds the attention span. Unlike other static art forms where it gets difficult to hold people’s attention. The art statues are more costly in comparison to big screens.




What are the current interior decoration trends?

Including eco friendly decor items is in trend these days. Waste management has become a serious problem. Using natural designs in your interior decoration item will save a lot of money. And also tech involvement has become a decor item.

What are some creative ways to use tech as an interior decoration item for your event?

We cannot avoid tech. And now it is even used as a decor item. You can use big screens at any event to show your event’s purpose. If you are organizing a wedding event, show pictures of couples and guests. You can also integrate AR and VR for your guests.

How can I create an Instagram worthy room interior decoration for your event?

You can use large backdrops to create curiosity. You can make photo booths to create a photo worthy spot. This will increase the reach of the event planner. You can also install large flower stands to make the place more beautiful. You can use colorful and different flowers to create a new aesthetic.


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