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Top 15 amazing wedding decoration designs in Kanpur

The best wedding decoration designs are less expensive and look good. Covid-19 recorded a high number of weddings. Since covid, design themes have changed. weddings became a personal affair. People tried to decorate their homes with what they had. And this became a trend.

Many simple wedding stage decoration designs are so easy to implement. They use old umbrellas, windchimes, etc. They give your wedding stage a very interesting look. Many flower stage decoration designs are simple and easy to implement. They make use of gendas(marigolds) and hibiscus for flower decoration.

People are becoming aware and are taking steps to avoid waste. We have made a list of wedding decorations for you. These are simple wedding decorations. These are less expensive wedding decoration designs that causes less stress on your wallet.


15 best wedding decorations


Simple haldi decoration with flowers

Make use of marigold or gendas at your haldi. Engage your family in making flower garlands. Make an interesting pattern with these garlands in and around the wedding stage decoration.

You can make use of flowers from a local market to shower on bride and groom. This is very simple wedding stage decoration idea.

You can also buy mehendi leaves from your local market. And grind these leaves into a paste. Use this paste as mehendi in your wedding ceremony.


Welcome your guests with Rangoli at the entrance

Rangoli is a traditional Indian practice. You can use homemade items to make Rangoli. Engage all the ladies of your family in making a large beautiful Rangoli.

You can also use small rangoli stickers from your local market. It is a simple wedding decoration design.


Make use of old flower pots

These flower pots can be used as a wedding stage decoration. You can use expensive flowers to give it a vintage look.

Old flower pots can also be used at the entrance of the wedding stage. You can also decorate using flower pots at home. You can use your marigold flower pot as a flower decoration design at your haldi ceremony.

Small flower pots can be used as hanging decorations as a simple wedding decoration design. These pots look beautiful.


Make use of your old sarees as drapes

Your old sarees can be put to amazing use as drapes. These drapes give a flowy look around the wedding stage. The sarees do not have to be the same. You can use different colored sarees for decoration.

You can also use your old sarees as a tent decoration. This looks chic and interesting.


Make use of Diwali lights on Sangeet

You can make use of Diwali lights on your sangeet. Diwali lights will look beautiful for a small stage decoration.

Multiple diwali lights can be used to decorate your sangeet stage. Generally, sangeet is a family get together celebrated with your closed ones.


Dress up carts or old scooters

If you are planning to have a lavish wedding and you are thinking of giving it a homely look. We have a very unique wedding decoration design for you.
You can dress up your old scooters with colorful drapes. They give a cheerful vibe. You can use your old sarees and old dupattas.

You can use flowers too to decorate your cart. Your diwali lights can be used to coil around the borders of your cart.

These decorated carts can be used as a nice photograph spot. These quirky spots are shoot worthy.


Hang fancy tea lights to give an aesthetic look

Earthen diyas give off an aesthetic look. These diyas require oil and a wick. You can hang these with the help of garlands from branches or a hanger. They look lovely.

Don’t forget to use something as a cover for your Diyas. As diyas can blow off in wind or rain. You can use diya covers with some designs to give off patterns around.

Fancy tea lights are very traditional and affordable. You can get it from your nearby shops. You can also use old diyas at your home and paint them.


Customize a wind chime

You can make yourself a wind chime. These wind chimes can be customized. You can use objects at home such as diyas, plastic toys to give it a more original look.

You can hang these wind chimes at your haldi stage and mehendi stage.

You can also buy wind chimes from your local market and paint it. You can color it to your liking.


Set the theme with unique cushion covers

These colorful cushions set the tone of your wedding. You can put these cushions as comfort. Use these cushions in your seating area.

You can paint these cushions with your hands. Use quirky design prints on your cushions.

If you do not have time to handmade your cushions, you can ask your local weaver to use old mats as cushions.


Decorate your mandap with designer mirrors

Mirrors can be used to decorate your mandap. These decorative mirrors look fancy and reflect lights.

You can use soft mirrors and cut into shapes of your liking. You can also talk to local artisan and give it a proper shape.

Mirrors can used as a wall hanging. These wall hangings look stylish. You can decorate the roof of your mandap with mirror wall hangings.


Use wicker baskets around mandap

Wicker baskets are traditional handmade baskets. These baskets are made from dried plants. These baskets are used to keep various stuff.

You can paint these baskets with your hands. These baskets can be decorated with colorful cloth, decorative mirrors, beads, and flowers.

These baskets look really pretty. These small decorative ideas represent our colorful culture.


Scented candle decoration at mandap

Scented candles give a sense of freshness. Indian weddings are long. Bride and groom get tired of attending all the rituals. Scented candles come at your rescue. They calm you down and make you less anxious.

You can use a fragrance of your liking. You can use jasmine and lavender scented candles at your wedding mandap.

You can make candles yourself. Use any container and paint it. Then put wax and a wick. And your candle is ready.


Make your mandap more colorful with paper fans

Paper fans add color and pop to your mandap. These are cheap and can be handmade. You can make paper fans with color and size of your liking.

You can show creativity in making these. Add textures, handmade papers, or scrape papers to give more uniqueness.

Themes of reusability is on rise. You can use origami designs from old papers.


Genda Phool garlands

This is a classic flower decoration design. Indian weddings are incomplete without using gendas or marigold as a flower decoration. These flowers are easily available in your local market and is not at all expensive.

You can make use of gendas as garlands and hang at your mandap. Fresh gendas with yellow and orange hues suits well with Indian colors.

You can hang these garlands at the entrance. Gendas are considered auspicious.


Make streamers for some quirky designs

Cuttings from gift wrappers can be used to make streamers. They give a quirky and bold background.

You can make this at home by just cutting them in equal widths. And hang those streamers with your drapes. They make the photographs look sassy and vibrant.

Streamers remove the boring look from the wedding stage decoration and give a fun element to it.




How should I match my wedding theme with wedding decoration?

The color palette gives a lot of hint on how you want your wedding to look. Use materials that give depth to your theme. Look at your props and lighting. How it matches your theme. Sai Events Have a perfect range of ideas that will be suitable for you.

Are there any tips for cost saving wedding decoration?

Spending less on wedding decorations have become a trend. Covid has changed the way people used to wed. People have shifted to small house decorations. Recycling home used items and using them as decor. Sai Events is top of their game.

What are some unique wedding decoration designs?

Some of the unique wedding decoration designs by Sai Events are explained in the blog. Some of the most liked designs are decorating your mandap with paper fans. This is one of the most funky looks at the wedding. Using old diyas as lamps for decorating the entrance. These are some of the cool ideas.


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